Structured Products Annual Performance Review 2019

About Lowes Financial Management & Structured Products

‘As Chartered Financial Planners and Independent Financial Advisers, Lowes has been providing truly Independent Financial Advice to a range of people throughout the UK since 1971.’

Lowes has a broad variety of expertise which covers all aspects of wealth management. As independent nancial advisers, we assess the whole invest- ment space, ensuring that advice is individually tailored to our clients’ nancial goals; in doing so, we consider alternative as well as familiar invest- ments and retirement solutions. We seek to deliver positive experiences and outcomes for our clients, avoiding inappropriate exposure to risk. Our expertise in the structured product sector is widely acknowledged and respected. We have been evaluating all new entries to the retail market for more than twenty years, during which time we have not failed to advocate good investment opportunities and warn against harmful additions, as was the case with ‘precipice bonds’. Lowes has published details of our ‘Preferred’ plans for nearly two decades; we make appropriate use of structured products in the overall e ort to diversify client portfolios, which are bespoke and actively managed by our investment team. Our unique structured product portfolio management service, SP-Perspective, allows straightforward access for all our clients to their individual structured product holdings. Information on each product, such as investment value and levels of counterparty exposure, is provided to a granular level, providing unparalleled transparency. The system also keeps investors updated on the progress of their plans, regularly notifying them of significant portfolio events. We have now launched the Lowes UK Defined Startegy Fund which draws upon our unrivalled experience and the structured investment selection success enjoyed by Lowes clients, built up over several decades. The Fund is now available on many major investment platforms and provides an easy way to invest across multiple structured investment strategies, linked predominantly to the FTSE 100 Index , with no more than 10% credit exposure to any one bank.

Lowes Head O ce: Fernwood House

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