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Dangers for younger investors in the digital age Reports show that many younger investors, 18-30, have been taken in by get rich quick/the next big thing stories on social media. This has seen them pile into investments such as crypto currencies without knowing or understanding the risks involved. What is termed ‘deep fake’ advertising also trips people up, offering ‘opportunities’ purporting to be endorsed by celebrity names – Martin Lewis has been very vocal about fake adverts using his name, for example. Online, we only see the 1-2% who have been successful with their investments and not the 98% who were not, and may have lost money. The 1-2% can be presented as the norm when in fact they are far from it. While the UK Regulator has rules in place and recently consulted further on what additional measures may be necessary, the internet is global and UK rules do not apply to overseas operators. History shows that the most consistent means for people to grow wealth is through four key actions: regular saving and investment; accumulating wealth over the long term; diversifying portfolios; and investing in assets managed professionally to help minimise risk.

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Notes: Not to be considered an endorsement for any institution or account.

Measures of inflation - The average change in prices of goods and services over a 12 month period to December 2023 Retail Prices Index (RPI) 5.2% Consumer Prices Index (CPI) 4% Sources: Providers’ websites, Office for National Statistics, www.thisismoney.co.uk, www.moneysupermarket.com, www.moneyfacts.co.uk 17/01/2024. All accounts subject to terms and conditions.

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