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Welcome to Lowes Financial Management Established 1971 Throughout the different stages of our lifetime, we all need financial solutions to suit our individual circumstances. This may involve savings, pensions, tax mitigation, investments or one of the many protection policies available.

of different firms to choose from. Further refining should be done by selecting only Chartered Financial Planners but beyond this, in the absence of a personal recommendation, you are left to use your best judgement in selecting a firm who will provide the service and support you require. Lowes Financial Management has been providing Independent Financial Advice for over fifty years, during which time we have received countless endorsements, dozens of awards and achieved exceptional client satisfaction. We believe that this evidences that those who used their judgement in selecting Lowes made the right choice. By becoming a client of Lowes you will be in good company. We aim to exceed your expectations.

We can attempt to choose the right solutions ourselves or seek advice. Given the complexities and pitfalls of the financial services marketplace and the myriad of possible options, most people seek advice in one form or another to help them make what they hope will be the right financial decision. Choosing the right Financial Adviser from the tens of thousands registered in the United Kingdom is not easy. However, it is fairly simple tonarrowyour search immediately. Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) are those who can give advice covering the whole of the financial marketplace, acting as your agent, rather than representing a particular provider, or restricting their advice to a limited range of options. Yet, having narrowed your search to IFAs, that still leaves you with thousands

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